Monday March 12, 2018 Remembered

Lo, I am about to create a new heaven and a new earth.  The things of the past shall not be remembered or come to mind.  Isaiah 65:17

Have you ever sat around the kitchen table with family recalling the “Good old days” when you were young?  All the mischief and antics make you laugh until suddenly you are crying as you recall the people who are no longer sitting around that table with you. Reliving moments from the past are rife with emotions, both happy and sad. When I read this verse, I wonder about the NEW heaven when I won’t be able to remember…

Memory helps to shape who I am.  I have learned a great many lessons both through trial by error and studying books and human kind. I know that God knows best but I think I will miss having memories especially the moments that changed me forever:

  • The day my dad died.
  • The first time I held my daughters and each of my grandchildren.
  • The moment I got married.
  • The day I realized that Jesus loved me and died for me.
  • When I was Commissioned as a Lay Minister.

When I think that these moments will be gone, I am sad but realize that God has a purpose for this amnesia.  I am not sure I can fully comprehend NOW but I am certain that He will bless each of us with joy in being with Him in a deeper and fuller state.  Memories help to balance life here because I have a constant source of experiences to compare and contrast with all that has gone before.  In the NEW Heaven, there will be no sorrow or pain, so I will not need to cushion any blows or create perspective.  I can lean on God’s heavenly understanding and rejoice that I am surrounded by that great crowd of witnesses who are filled with adoration and love.

Lord, help me to treasure Your grace and embrace the gift of memories while they are a part of my existence.  Help me create moments for those I love that will bubble up long after I am with You to bring a smile and a tear, a lesson or a feeling of being treasured.     

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