Friday March 9, 2018 Understanding

And when Jesus saw that he answered with understanding, He said to him, “You are not far from the Kingdom of God.”  And no one dared to ask Him any more questions.  Mark 12:34

Jesus had just shared the TWO great commandments with a crowd of people.  The Scribe who had asked him which of the commandments were the most important had responded with a very in depth answer and Jesus remarked favorably.  I know that I would LOVE to hear from Jesus that I am not far from the kingdom.  Clarity in my faith and a clear grasp of what is important each and everyday is my constant prayer.  I strive to bring myself to a balance and cling tightly to what Jesus is calling me to be.  Jesus had explained that if we honor the TWO commandments: Love God and Love our neighbor, there will be nothing else needed.  Simple to say but not easily accomplished.

He was not denying the other eight commandments, but was explaining that if I could act in LOVE toward God and neighbor in every action and thought I would fulfill all the other commandments that God had delivered through Moses.  God knew what a stiff necked and obtuse people lived down here.  He spelled out every scenario so there would be no, BUT WHAT IF… questions.  My daughters were great at those.  I would say don’t stay out past TEN and they would create a litany of “but what if this happened scenarios”.  Always trying to get around the rules.  Human nature again needs rules.  Jesus wants and needs for each of us to UNDERSTAND, it is not the letter of the law but the essence of the law that we will be judged on.  It is not loving to cheat, it is not loving to covet, it is not loving to disobey.

Lord I seek to understand and live according to your purpose.  To incorporate your command to LOVE in everything I do.  Help me to embrace each opportunity to love God and my neighbor with my whole self. 

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