Wednesday March 7, 2018 Nothing

We brought nothing with us when we came into the world, and we can’t take anything with us when we leave it.  1 Timothy 6:7

I have loved the jokes about the U-Haul behind the hearse or being buried in the Cadillac filled with all the money accumulated during a life.  But St Paul hit the nail on the head… we came into this world naked and we go out the same way.  Seventy percent of Baby Boomers interviewed have stated that they want to spend their money before they die.  A fine trick to have enough to last until we die without running out since we never know exactly the day, the hour or the second when death will end this life and our new venture will begin.

It is important then to have a realistic grasp of what STUFF does to our lives and how each of us can elevate our lives by ridding ourselves of a grasping mentality.  Scarcity and worry can grab hold and make each of us lose sight of a true servant heart when trusting God is really all that is ever required. He promises each of us what we NEED!  That is a valuable and excruciating question to ask.  I learned when going through my bankruptcy what I really NEED.  Once that lesson was been incorporated into my heart, I no longer have put pressure on myself for MORE.  If I see something that I would like to have, I talk it over with Gary to see if it fits in our budget, often by putting off the purchase, a day or two, I realize that it is NOT really important.  A perspective that we both have embraced is that creating memories is much more important than accumulating stuff.  Memories of times together with loved ones last forever when clothes and cars, jewelry and purses wear out so quickly!  (And crowd our house).

Lord, Help me always treasure the important things in life… Love, Friendship, Laughter, and Service.  Create in me a grateful heart for the moments that stay in my heart forever!   

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