Tuesday March 6, 2018 Forgive

Forgive your neighbor’s injustice; then when you pray your own sins will be forgiven.  Should a man nourish anger against his fellows and expect healing from the Lord? Should a man refuse mercy to his fellows, yet seek pardon for his own sins?  Sirach 28:2-4

It is human nature to want to all our relationships to be copacetic.  People like calm and not turmoil, proper understanding and peace is the desired state.  But when I have been HURT, the tendency is to seek my pound of flesh in retribution.  Sad but true of even the most genteel spirit.  As I get older, I realize that human nature is a treacherous and often self-destructive prison.  When I demand understanding and forgiveness for my own shortcomings from someone I have wounded, I have been in most cases granted it.  Relationships have progressed often tenuously at first but the commitment to heal was made.  What I have heard from many people though is I can forgive BUT never forget.

In the bible, Jesus advises us to forgive 77 times.  He never says FORGET but I have a feeling that it is implied.  In Jesus scenario of forgiving that often, the mind and heart would be clouded over with memories if forgetfulness did not accompany forgiveness.  How could anger not nourish bad feelings if I was dwelling on the hurt caused by my offender.  How can someone clinging to the past really every release and truly forgive?  Sirach asks really good questions that each of us should weigh when we are called to forgive.

Lord I ask for a forgetful spirit when it comes to the wrongs that I have suffered.  Help me forgive with all my heart.  Give me the ability to love as you have loved. 

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