Monday February 12, 2018 You Say So

Simon answered, “Master, we’ve worked hard all night and haven’t caught anything.  But because you say so, I will let down the nets.”  Luke 5:5

Faith begins most relationships.  Someone will say something and if we trust them enough to believe, a relationship can begin.  Peter had heard about Jesus from his brother, Andrew.  He was willing after a long, hard and fruitless night to put back out to drop his fishing nets again.  On the word of a stranger, a carpenter, no less.  Peter took a step toward friendship by doing what Jesus asked.  He was rewarded with a catch of fish so large, it filled two boats.

God prompts us today to follow Him through the scriptures, through our friends and families.  He also speaks to me through my conscience and sometimes I listen… when the person is someone I trust.  When the source is reliable, it is much easier to believe and take a step.  Peter took a step and it changed his life forever.  Jesus spoke to Peter in a language he understood.  Fishing and the sea were his life.  He would listen and understand that Jesus was a holy man.  He tells Jesus to leave after this miraculous catch because of Peter’s own sinfulness.  Jesus then asks him to join His group of disciples and become a fisher of men.

So, what is Jesus saying to you today?  What is He asking you to do?  I know He plants a seed in my heart and whispers to me to make a difference.  He creates a vision and puts each of us in a place where we can do something, if we will only respond like Peter did…. “Because YOU say so!”

Lord, I know in my heart of hearts that You have big things that need doing.  I stumble along and feel inadequate BUT with You all things are possible.  Help me to step out in faith to love and serve You! 

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