Saturday February 10, 2018 Insights

How much better to get wisdom than gold, to get insight rather than silver. Proverbs 16:16

When I read Proverbs, I hear my grandmother’s voices.  They quoted the lessons often… A stitch in time saves nine and Pride goes before a fall and so many moreTheirs was old fashioned smarts or what we call today common sense and they applied it liberally to their children and all the situations they faced.  Today, I still think often about their strength and formidable courage in tough situations.  I have a photo of FIVE generations of women in my family… taken when my daughter, Dawn, was born and we visited from North Carolina. My mom insisted we should all get together.  I did not realize what a monumental moment that was at the time.  When I think how rare and difficult it would be to achieve that again, I marvel.  With age comes wisdom.

Insights like this one, are not to be overlooked.  That is why I encourage people to write books, blogs and letters.  Our stories give insights into the spirit, the way our minds work and how important it is to record these thoughts for posterity or at least for ourselves so that we can remember when our grandchildren ask.  My teenage grandkids ask now what we remember from their childhoods.  I treasure their smiles and can tell them stories of funny things they said and did.  It gives them insights into their pasts and fills in the gaps.  I am glad that I am here to share with them… my own mother was dead at 60 so my daughters did not have the opportunity to get her perspectives.  As we age, and memories fade, it is an important for me as it is for my progeny that they know who we were and what delighted them.  Creating a treasury of memories gives insights that will last five or even ten generations.

Lord, Thank You for my grandchildren and the opportunity to offer them insights about my love for them and my devotion to You.  I am grateful for my heritage and look forward to sharing it.       

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