Sunday February 4, 2018 Again

He will continue to rescue us; in Him we have put our hope that He will rescue us again.  2 Corinthians 1:10

When my twin brothers who are seventeen years younger than me were little they loved to play a game.  They would take the drawers from their dresser and one would climb to the top of it and the other would scream for help.  I would come rushing in and exclaim…. AGAIN! To which they would both burst out laughing.  We decided to remove the chest of drawers and eventually all the furniture from their room including the closet doors in an effort to keep them alive to see their third birthday.  We were successful, they turn 50 this week.

When I read this verse today, I was thinking how often my God must shake his head exclaiming “AGAIN” when I make the same mistakes or sin in the same way and beg Him to rescue me.  Humans are creatures of habit even when the habits are detrimental.  Smoking cigarettes, overeating, careless driving and texting while at the wheel have all been shown to cause harm to ourselves and others and yet we continue to maintain these actions.  How surprised we are when an accident occurs, or we are diagnosed with diabetes or cancer.

God does continue to rescue me.  My hope never dims because He has been there in my hour of need.  I pray for each of my family and friends who are suffering and asking God to be their help in times of trouble.  He is an ever present hope no matter how many times we need Him.  God is much more patient than we humans are.  He provides a safe place even when I walk perilously close to destruction.  Like the twins who would climb precariously high just for the thrill… I know He provides the safety net.

Lord give me strength to trust You, knowing even when I sin again and again… You will rescue me. 

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