Friday January 12, 2018 Reflects

As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart.  Proverbs 27:19

I love pictures of beautiful scenery reflected in a body of water.  It is amazing to see the colors and images perfectly captured in the water’s calm face.  As I read this verse today, it struck me how true it is that my life reflects what is in my heart.  I heard once that you can tell someone’s priorities by looking at their checkbook register, their calendar and their waistline.  What is happening in those three spots reflects what is my focus.

How can I reflect God’s will when all my money goes to frivolous or selfish things?

How can I say I love Him if my time is spent on selfishness and things that pull me away from Him?

When I do not practice self-care by eating right and exercising, I am not giving His gift of my body the proper attention.

Life today abounds with so many choices.  Each second, I must decide how my life will reflect my heart.  Literally I made a hundred decisions in the hour since I woke up.   I have to have my heart focused on what I want my life to reflect.  The clean slate that opens before me each day needs to be filled with God’s will not my own.

I feel blessed that God has called me to be His child and instilled in me an ability and willingness to serve Him.  The choices I make each day allow my reflected picture to be one that He creates.  I marvel when I trust Him, how beautiful is the panoramic view that surrounds me.  Only when I give my life to Him will the picture be filled with His glorious hues and bold brushstrokes.

Lord help me to give You the palette and brush.  Help my life reflect Your will and help me to always trust You to create in me the life that gives You glory. 

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