Wednesday January 10, 2018 Greater

For who is greater, the one who is at the table or the one who serves?  Is it not the one who is at the table?  But I am one who serves.  Luke 22:27

Jesus asks this of His disciples on their way to Gethsemane on Holy Thursday night.  He had just washed their feet and served them at what would be their last supper and they were arguing about who was the greatest among them.  Jesus, knowing what was about to happen must have been so frustrated that after three long years of being among them, they still did not get it!  Do any of us truly get it?

Servant Leadership brings equality to a situation that would never be considered equal.  A leader of a company, a church, a team puts the needs of the group before himself or herself.  Jesus, the God, stripped down to wash their feet like the lowliest servant and a few hours later, they argue about who is the best or most highly favored.  How can I overcome these same attitudes?  Human nature seeks to honor the ego.  Putting on Christ means allowing others to sit at the table and be served.

There is a huge awakening in our country about the place of women, especially an awareness of the exploitation that has happened in the workplace.  My prayer is that from this discussion will emerge a new empowerment for all.  I don’t believe that women want to be the same as men but equal.  To have our special gifts recognized and appreciated.  Each of us has so much to bring.  Why not invite all to the table where we can all feed one another.  There was a cartoon of what hell would be… a huge banquet with luscious foods galore… the only problem is there were only VERY long forks, three feet long to eat.  Everyone was starving because it never occurred to them to serve each other.  I pray that this change in our nation will bring us all to the table where each person will prosper and be fed by serving the needs of all.

Lord only You are the Greatest and the only one worthy of adoration!  Give everyone a renewed perspective about how to be true servants!  The blessing is found not by sitting at the table but by eating.  Help every person be fed! 

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