Saturday January 6, 2017 New

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning.  Lamentations 3:22-23

How exciting it is to wake up and embrace the opportunity to see what God has in store for me today!  NEW every morning!  When I hop out of bed and look to what the day will bring, I know there will be so many chances to see God’s love manifested around me.  Nature even in the cold weather is ripe with activity.  The frigid temps make me move quickly and gets my blood flowing!  The squirrels are chattering and the birds flitter from branch to branch.  I marvel at the generosity of people who have extra blankets and coats who have shared them with those who need them.  I am humbled by the great blessings that giving these items can make in someone’s life.  There is nothing worse than being cold and having nowhere to go for warmth.

One of my pastors spoke to us in the congregation about such a situation.  He said we have everything we need to take care of the poor, it is just at your house.  Go home and find what you have to share with those who are needy.  The NEW moments to be an answer to someone’s prayer arise every morning.  What an awesome life I lead that I can be NEW every single day just by being aware and looking in my own house for ways to serve.

My grandmother swept her house every day and always ended on the front porch.  She would sweep off her front stoop and would wave to her neighbors who did the same.  She lived in what was referred to back in the day as the “Scrubby Dutch” neighborhood.  She always said if everyone would clean their own porch then the world would be spotless.  I knew she was talking about more than the small slab of concrete in front of her house.  She fed beggars at the church who stopped by on their way, she washed and sewed clothing that was torn that had been donated to the church so people could have garments that were suitable and gave them dignity.  God’s love is new every morning and each of us are called to be the method that passes it on to those we meet.

Father, How can I do something new for you today?  Which of my neighbors needs to feel Your Love?  Give me the strength and the vision to see how I can serve! 


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