Sunday August 13, 2017 Doubt

Immediately Jesus stretched out his hand and caught him, and said to him, “O you of little faith, why did you doubt?” Matthew 14:31

This story from Matthew’s gospel about Peter stepping out of the boat in the storm to walk on the water toward Jesus has always been one of my favorites.  I love that Peter is brash and confident to start and like each of us humans, when the winds blow and the tides are rising against us… he doubts.  Jesus simply reaches out His hand and saves Peter.  All Peter had to do was ask…

Unlike the other disciples who stayed in the boat, Peter was brave enough to want to experience everything the Lord was doing.  Jesus simply replied “Come” to Peter when he excitedly asked.  How wonderful that Peter asked.  Some of the other disciples were likely thinking wow that looks incredible, wish I could do that but Peter goes for it.  I know in my lifetime, I have held back and stayed behind wishing I was brave enough to write a book, speak in public or ask for the promotion.  It takes confidence and trust in the Lord to take the step and get out of the relative safety of the boat.  It took me years in some cases to achieve what God had been calling me to do because of my doubts.

Two things happened over the past couple of days that make this particularly relevant.  I received a call from a friend who introduced me to Linda Sacha telling me that she had died of an aneurism.  Linda was a speaker, author and life support coach who touched my soul and encouraged me when I was writing my first book.  Her book Queen for a Day, Recapturing Your Happiness One BIRTHDAY at a Time helps women embrace and love herself enough to

  • Believe that the day she was born is a day worth celebrating.
  • Ask herself, “What do I really want on my special day?”
  • Fully embrace that reclaiming her happiness is the greatest gift of all.

She used as her mantra “The greatest gift I give to the world is the gift of loving myself.”  She empowered women to be Queen for a Day…. Everyday!  She used to give little crowns to women and let them know that they are SPECIAL!  I will miss her!

Last night a friend, threw herself a lavish 40th Birthday Party.  It was beautiful and she looked amazing.  I could not help but think how proud I was that she did this and how happy Linda must be looking down from heaven.

So, when people doubt their worth or ability… I believe God is shaking His head and reaching out His hand to catch them.  Saying “O you of little faith, WHY did you doubt?” 

Lord, I am sorry I have doubted.  Help me to know in my heart that when You say “Come” that I need to release my fears and move forward.  You are the force that holds me erect in the storm.  Let me encourage everyone to discover their beauty and talents and to use them. 

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