Friday August 11, 2017 If Only…

Lord, if You had been here, my brother would not have died. John 11:32

Lazarus, Martha and Mary were friends with Jesus.  Martha had felt close enough to ask / tell Him to send Mary to the kitchen to help her serve the meal.  She goes out to meet Him and scolds and applies some guilt saying… IF ONLY!  I must admit, I have done the same, often.  A child died in a locked car this week… I cried if only there had been a safety feature in the daycare van, if only the driver had numbered the children.  Throughout my life, I have approached God to help me understand tragedy.  Could I have prevented some disaster or illness?  If only I had not let my girls go shopping in the snowstorm… If only I had forced my mom to go to the doctor sooner, we could have found the cancer in time…

I have learned that I cannot question God’s plan. I certainly do not understand and ask like Martha and Mary for perspective but it always comes down to God’s purposes are beyond my understanding.  He will make something good come from whatever happens to me.  He has carried me through hard circumstances and in each one my trust has been warranted.

Charles Spurgeon wrote: “To trust God in the light is nothing, but to trust Him in the dark, that is faith!” How much each of us need to have faith especially when the darkness is crushing and there does not appear to be a way out.  Loss of a loved one is probably the time when this trust is most sorely needed.  I pray for those who are suffering this terrible loss, today.

Jesus, friend of the broken-hearted, be with those who mourn.  Help them know that Father God knows their struggle and is there with them.  Your grace mends brokenness and brings peace.  Help all who are struggling with “IF ONLY” today. 

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