Tuesday August 8, 2018 Commissioned

He commissioned us to preach to the people and testify that He is the one appointed by God as judge of the living and the dead.  Acts 10:42

I like to think of being commissioned for a specific job.  A dear friend is attending the commissioning of her son into a rank in the military.  He has completed his training and is now ready to do the job that he is being asked to do.  The disciples had been to “school” with Jesus for three years before He commissioned them to go into the world.  They were ready!!!

When I know my job and feel prepared, I can step forth confidently to do what is needed.  The clarity that comes from mastering skills and growing in experience allows me to perform well in each new situation.  God prepares each of us to witness for Him.  Through sermons, reading scripture and serving.  Each pportunity to serve in life provides a stepping stone for the next new thing.  I can look back and see that my life was a series of plateaus, after the climb that learning requires.  Once I have scrambled to learn something and pushed myself to be better and stronger, I get to use that knowledge for a while before I am challenged again to learn and climb to the next level.  God prepares each of us for the next hard part.

My best friend when I was newly married young mom lived next door.  She was a community nurse and was giving a training on SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  Three months after she had studied and delivered her talk, her own daughter died at the babysitters of SIDS.  She knew God had prepared her so she could handle the tragedy.

God paves the way for His children so that they can testify with their lives that He is King!  The one who will judge the living and the dead.  Lord help me to seize the opportunities You give me to learn and grow.  I know that You don’t expand my horizons frivolously.  I serve You well only when I am prepared! 

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