Saturday August 5, 2017 Seasoned

Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.  Colossians 4:6

So, Paul is in prison, wearing chains and he is writing about grace, seasoned with salt.  I can imagine that I might be asking for help or worse asking for pity.  His perspective and ability to put his own needs way at the back of his focus.  I like though how his words are sprinkled with phrases that inspire his readers to dig deeper… Seasoned with salt is one of them.

Every cook knows that without seasoning, food is bland and that salt is the most widely used flavor enhancer.  Comparing grace to salt is an amazingly easy way to picture how important it can and should be to life.  When I think of conversations that are founded I love, they are so different from those interactions I have with strangers who ring up my groceries or rotate my tires.  Paul invites all my conversations to be filled with grace and love.

It is easy to picture St Paul in chains, laboring to write these letters.  I can visualize him dealing kindly with his jailers and the response on the part of his keepers being confusion because they were used to their wards being belligerent and hostile.  What a lesson he taught when he lived out his words in their presence.  Knowing how to answer everyone is a most desirable trait.  Inspired by grace is truly the way to live.  I have often thought of the “right words” hours after a meeting.  Asking God for the grace to season all my conversations is truly my heart’s desire.

Lord help me to always season my conversation with Your grace.  Open my mind to channel Your holy blessing.  Allow me to give the right answer to everyone I meet. 

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