Tuesday August 1, 2017 Face Time

Your face, Lord, I will seek.  Do not hide Your face from me.  Psalm 27:8-9

My grandsons live in Minneapolis/St Paul area and we live in Orlando.  When the times between visits grows long, we have used Facetime to connect us and check in with them to see how much they have grown and let them see and hear us.  One of the cutest things to me when they were younger was how the three of them would dart in and out of view so that we can see them.  They wanted to be sure they were part of the picture and mug for the camera.   When we are able to spend time with them, each one seizes an opportunity for alone time with us.  FACE time is what we call it.

How important it is for me to have that same kind of time with my Father in heaven.  Yes, He is always available and sees and hears me but if I am not intentional about my Face time with Him, I can easily forget to live righteously, to love others with abandon and to be outwardly focused.  Seeing Him in nature, in the beauty of a sunset and acknowledging His presence being focused on Him alone is so important to me.  I can be like a toddler who won’t go to sleep without mom or dad making multiple reassuring appearances.  Face time with God creates calm and strength.

To be left alone and abandoned is truly a scary and intimidating thought for anyone.  I know that being in the presence of those I love and who love me is usually preferred… although some alone time when I am regrouping is also nice.  But the thought of being forever alone on a deserted island with no one else is a fate worse than death in my book.

I feel blessed to know that God is always available for Face time with me.

Lord, I seek Your face!  Be open to me a sinner and allow me to be comforted by Your love. Help me to choose each day to spend time with You! 

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