Saturday July 29, 2017 Generations

Thy faithfulness endures to all generations.  Psalm 119:90

On Thursday night at 11:05 PM the newest descendant of my three parents arrived.  Gabriel is my great nephew, my sister’s grandson.  He is the 57th to come from my mom, dad and stepfather.  We are a yours, mine and ours family and that continues when ours marry and create or take on more lives.  My daughter has married a man with two children so we add them to our mix.  Family is like that for us.  We have learned to embrace all because of the wonderful role models we had.  Charlie and Shirley met and married after their spouses died.  What seemed like terrible tragedy ended up a huge blended family filled with LOVE!

Faith and trust in God is an active part in every one of our lives.  Generosity of spirit taught by these wonderful parents lives on to the 3rd and now 4th generation.  I have a picture of five generations of women in my family.  My Great Grandmother was alive when my daughter was born.  She lived to ninety-nine years.  That photo illustrates to me how God is faithful through all generations.

I am blessed with the knowledge that my faith has been handed down and continues to be a part of the lives of every generation of my family.  I pray that there will never be a gap or that even one will be alienated from our loving Father in heaven.  Indeed, the faithfulness of our predecessors makes it possible for each of us to come to know and love God.  I am so grateful to be a part of this grace.

Lord help me to continue to nurture and be a foundation for the faith of my children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews for many generations to come.  By FAITH each of us is set free to love and serve You! 

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