Wednesday July 26, 2017 Parents

Remember, of these parents you were born; what can you give them for all they gave you?  Sirach 7:28

This verse asks a question that took precedence often in my early life.  I asked God, how did He bless me with my parents and put me in suburbia in a loving family instead of the bush in Africa or the ghetto of India or the frozen tundra of Antarctica!  I knew love and friendship with my siblings, even though we fought and teased one another.  Mom could halt any unpleasantness with a look!  It saddened me that both my parents died young (dad at 33 and mom at 61) before I was really ever able to give them back much at all.

As a parent myself now, I understand that my parents did not expect and even want to be “repaid”.  It is the best gift to spend time with my daughters and their children.  It is my vast treasure to see them happy and pursuing their dreams.  Life provides natural seasons of joy and celebration when birthdays, graduations, weddings and the joyful moments of pause occur.  Whenever, I doubt that my own mom knew that she was loved and how much she was appreciated I look no further than the memories she created with my girls of being a couch potato and watching movies, or decorating the house with her for holidays or playing cards after Thanksgiving dinner.   Moments of JOY that revealed she was truly blessed.

At a recent reunion, my youngest brother asked us all to recall family stories.  A wise man he is.  Because in capturing memories we are all repaid for what we give and we teach others, for what was given and taught to us, is meant to be shared.

Lord, I am so grateful for the family that You gave me.  I love and honor my parents: mom, dad and my stepfather.  Give them a hug today in heaven and tell them what a fine job they did creating 57 strong, loving people here who will never forget them. 

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