Wednesday July 19, 2017 Least

The King will reply to those at His right hand, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for Me.”  Matthew 25:40

Twenty years ago, I was asked to do a witness talk on a retreat.  I chose this verse and the rest of the passage where Jesus describes the final judgement, the sheep and the goats all gathered before the KING and separated because of what they did for the least of the least of mankind.  I described a time when I was the “LEAST” and how a woman I had just met saved me from committing the worst sin of all, despair and suicide.  I have come to realize that each person has LEAST moments.  My job as a Christian has become to be ever vigilant and ready to serve those God puts in my path.

It is amazing ow many opportunities to serve are placed before us.  Yesterday, I learned of a young woman who was in two car accidents within a couple weeks.  She is a young single mom of two boys 4 and 7.  She had a very good job in Real Estate but has not been able to work since the beginning of June with neurologic symptoms that have debilitated her.  Her PTO has run out and the bills are looming large.  Friends created a meal brigade for this young family, others created a Go Fund Me Campaign and still others are putting together an event to raise money.

Go Fund Me Link –

Meal Train Link –

Event: Facebook for more details, The HAUS Project will be held July 31, 2017 Citrus Club, 5:30PM $20 cash suggested donation.  Silent Auction items needed. 

 This reminds me to step into action and help wherever and whenever I can.  Each of us will have our turn being the LEAST!  How blessed we are to be surrounded by people who care enough to do what Christ has asked.  Who are the Least in your life?  How blessed we are to be able to answer God’s call to action and put ourselves on the “Right Hand” of God.

Lord, I know that You have given me an opportunity to serve the Least and to be the Least.  In both circumstances, the blessings of receiving and of giving are great but to You always goes the glory.  For the reward is never n being giver or receiver… it is in serving You and looking to that final judgement without fear.

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