Monday July 10, 2017 Perfect

You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in You, all whose thoughts are fixed on You!  Isaiah 26:3

I like to look at the word perfect, not as an adverb but as a verb.  An action that God is constantly hoping to see us performing.  Life is all about choices and every moment that I choose to focus my life on Him is a perfecting opportunity.  I used to get very impatient at stop lights and one day decided to pray when I was halted for what used to seem like an interminable length of time.  All the people who I met that day, who are struggling with issues both stressful and not could use my prayers.  I always have someone who is struggling with cancer, caretaking a child or a parent or even a spouse who needs to be brought before God’s throne in prayer.  Now the lights are no longer an unwanted interruption but an opportunity to bless someone else.  And walk closer with my God.

The stress and demands on Jesus were much more demanding than those I face but He always communicated with His Father.  Making time to pray is good for body and for my soul.  Meditation, prayer, is almost as good as Rem sleep in reviving the body.  God knew wat he was doing when He created me.  I need to bring my body to Him for repair… often.  During those days Jesus went out to the mountains to pray; and He spent the night in prayer to God.  Luke 6:12. When I start and end my night in prayer, I rest in God’s arms.  For I feel my spirit is praying for me through the night.  God knows that I could be a better person and gives me many opportunities to choose the better part, prayer and sitting at His feet like Mary while Martha worked.  I am a Martha by nature but know that God is perfecting me so that by the time I join Him in heaven, I will have figured out how to tune into Him and Him alone.  Meanwhile, I will keep praying at stoplights, in the morning, while I swim laps and every moment I can quiet my mind.

Lord, you own all the moments of my life.  Help me to remember that and give back to You as many as I can.  Thank You for those for whom I pray because they take me out of my own way and put me in touch with YOU! 

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