Sunday July 9, 2017 Supplications

First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all men.  1 Timothy 2:1

Today we visited another parish and it was the day one of their priests was retiring after 47 years.  He told us that he would be praying for each of us what Elisha prayed for the woman of Shunem who had been so gracious to him sharing her home whenever he visited.  Elisha promised her that the same time next year she would have a baby son to love.  2 Kings 4:16.  As I gazed around the church and the vast majority of the parishioners attending were my age… I heard several titters and giggles.  He went on to clarify, that he did not mean this literally but figuratively… that each would have their dearest wish of their heart.  So of course, I began to ponder what is the dearest wish of my heart that I would want manifested in my life by July 2018.

Many times, people have asked; what would you wish for if a Genie could grant three wishes or if you were given a million dollars to spend what would you do?  But to have a good and holy priest tell me, that I need to share what I wanted him to pray for me to be, do or have is another story altogether.  I believe in the power of prayer and I trust that God not only hears these supplications but honors them with consideration.  I would not want to be frivolous or flamboyant in my desires.

So, on this Sunday, half way through the year, I am considering what do I want God to manifest in my life by this time next year.  I know that God wanted me to attend this particular Mass today.  I am blessed to have been presented with this message and you are as well.  Because as St Paul told us in this verse to Timothy, prayers are being made for you today.  Could be by your parents alive or in heaven, by your children, by your friends or by a good and holy priest but each of us is being remembered right NOW.  What is the dearest wish of YOUR heart?

Lord, thank You for answering prayers.   Let my supplications be worthy and help me always believe in Your divine care.  I am ever grateful today for the priests who serve Your people.   

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