Tuesday July 4, 2017 Free

The law of the Spirit who gives life has set you free from the law of sin and death.  Romans 8:2

When we most appreciate freedom is when we are denied it.  Olaf Wiig, a New Zealand news cameraman was kidnapped and held hostage for thirteen days and finally released.  He announced, “I feel more alive now than I have in my entire life.”  For most of us this is the case…  being freed is more exhilarating than being free.

Today is the Fourth of July in the USA.  A day we celebrate our freedom.  No with military demonstrations but with picnics.   The kind of freedom that we enjoy inspires us to play even though these freedoms were hard won by battles and sacrifices.  Our Forefathers brought God into their Declaration of Independence and into our Constitution…  One Nation UNDER God with Liberty and Justice for all.

I hate to think that it would take losing our freedoms before we come to appreciate them.  Too often, focus rests on the things that “Can’t” be obtained… Our country allows for anyone who decides to achieve great things, to do so.  It is never easy but it is obtainable.  The trick is to gratefully acknowledge all that I have already received and then begin to work for what I want.  There have been times in my life when the list of “things” was short but that is when I felt most blessed by friends, family and nature.  I am amazed that bounty surrounds me when I open my eyes.  I am free to see it but only when I choose to do so.

Lord I am grateful for the gift of Spirit and perspective.  You have set me free.  

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