Sunday July 2, 2017 Rise

Though I fall, I will rise again.  Though I sit in darkness, the Lord will be my light.  Micah 7:8

We get knocked own, but we are not destroyed.  2 Corinthians 4:9

Scripture is an excellent source of stories of humanity at its worst and at its best.  Each of the characters that are depicted has faults and serious limitations except of course, Jesus and His mother, Mary.  Reading biographies of anyone throughout history, failures and experiences of being knocked down have made people better or bitter.  God helps each person to rise after experiencing the worst that can happen.  He promises that HE will do that and He never abandons His people.

I gathered stories from people about their Failures in my recent book, Breaking Through, Reinventing After Failure.  Many of the authors shared how God pointedly intervened, being their light in the darkness, being the one who helped them to stand after being knocked down.  God has sent people into my life at each moment when I am at my worst to offer a righteous word, a hand up or a slap across my face with the words “Get OVER it!”  He knows what I need and sends the right person at the right time to deliver the message.

Failure, being knocked down or hitting bottom is never fun but the learning that I have experienced has made me who I am today.  I know that getting recognized does not “teach” me anything.  It is so nice to bask in the glow, but success can breed failure because complacency is often stagnation.  Comfort zones are deadly places because change even if it is hard, molds character and forges relationships.  How many couples do you know, who divorce because of boredom?  Drifting apart because they are no longer challenged and focused on shared goals.  Most of them can remember the best times in their relationship when there was too little money, too much responsibility but they were fighting the good fight together.

Lord, help me to always look to You when I fall.  I know that I put myself in the darkness, often PLEASE continue to be my light!  I know You will never allow me to be destroyed.  Thank You Jesus for helping me rise after each fall. 

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