Saturday June 24, 2017 Confused

Jesus replied, “You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand.” John 13:7

There are so many consoling verses in the Gospel but for me this one is particularly profound.  I can relate to Peter, impetuous and brash, always saying things that he later regrets.  He eats his words more than all the other disciples combined.  BUT that is why Jesus chose him to lead.  He was brave and decisive.  In this passage, John describes how Jesus is washing the disciples’ feet and of course, Peter wants no part of it.  Peter never forgets that he is a sinful man and refuses to allow Jesus to serve him by doing the work of a slave.

Jesus taught in every interaction with His followers.  Sometimes, He used parables, sometimes He took action: curing the sick, feeding the hungry and in this case stripping himself and kneeling down in front of those who followed Him to wash their feet.  He served them in all things but this act so close after the triumphant entrance into Jerusalem and just a few hours before His death profoundly illustrated that the KING of Glory came to serve and they should do the same.

No servant is greater than his master but Jesus showed them that they needed to be servants to those they served.  The disciples were empowered and strengthened to do just that after the Holy Spirit descended on each of them.  The strength they received allowed them to serve and not count the cost even when it cost them their lives.  Every disciple except John died as a martyr.

Lord strengthen me to serve others.  Help me to understand my role as humble servant and always see my way clear to act as You would have me act.  I know I can never fully comprehend what You are doing but I accept that Your will must be done on earth and in heaven.  You are the alpha and the omega. 

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