Thursday June 22, 2017 Shout

With shouts of joy proclaim this, make it known; Publish it to the ends of the earth, and say, “The Lord has redeemed His servant!” Isaiah 48:20

Last night at my Board meeting, one of our members returned after a long hiatus while she was fighting ovarian cancer.  When she walked in, everyone shouted for joy and rushed to embrace her.  Her words, “The Lord has been so good to me!” Prayers and loving support help each of us through the hardest and darkest journeys of our lives.  I have many dear friends who are fighting cancer, divorce, the death of parents and some with sick children.  In every case when good news is shared, the prayer supporters shout for joy.  The times when the result is not what we hoped for, sometimes there are angry shouts…  asking WHY?!

God answered Job when he shouted at God with a simple…  WHY NOT?  God reminded Job that he was not around when God planned the universe or brought forth the sky and the water, the plants and the animals.  As frustrated as he was, Job understood and accepted his life situation and then God redeemed him.  It is always wonderful to celebrate when it goes as we want but God reminds me often that HE knows best and what appears to be bad news could be necessary for the bigger picture to unfold properly.  God makes a silk purse from a sow’s ear every day.

Lord help me always shout for joy and gratefully acknowledge Your answer to my prayers even when the answer is not what I asked for or expected.  Help me to thank You in all circumstances. 

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