Friday June 9, 2017 Battles

This is what the Lord says to you: “Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army.  For the battle is not yours, but God’s.”  2 Chronicles 20: 15

A dear friend faced surgery for Ovarian Cancer yesterday.  Another mourns the loss of her daughter who died on that day a year ago.  I remember all who lost their lives and those who lost a loved one in the Pulse Massacre that was a year ago on Monday… huge battles are being fought on many fronts.  My God is big enough to handle all of this and so much more.  I just forget that from time to time.

Every day a new battle strategy is planned by the devil.  He seeks to weaken each and every person who is dedicated to God.  As often as God stands strong against that wily fox, another of his minions starts another fray elsewhere.  God will NOT lose, however.  He has promised victory and it is ours in Jesus Christ.  How can I keep that real and in front of my eyes when the battles just keep coming?  There were several instances when God asked His people to sing.  At Jericho the Lord fought the battle while the people paraded around the fortified city singing and playing music.  Later in this story from Second Chronicles, King Jehoshaphat is told to send the choir out to lead the Israelites to face their enemies.  The Lord delivered them when the armies of Ammon and Moab turned on one another.  It is proven that singing changes our brain chemistry and releases hormones that relieve stress and anxiety.  God helped His people to trust Him and let them know He was in charge.  They gave Him the glory by singing.

I often hum and sing.  It is a gift to know that God has given me a voice and even though the sound that comes out of my mouth is not worthy of sharing in public, I am graced when I open my heart and let God know that I trust that He is in charge.  The battle is His, I am a backup singer.

Lord, Thank You for fighting my battles for me.  I claim the victory over my enemies because I trust in You for my deliverance.  I place all who are fighting in their own wars with the enemy in Your loving care.  Enlighten and deliver them today. 

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