Wednesday May 24, 2017 Offspring

In Him we live and move and have our being, for we too are His offspring.  Acts 17:28

Facebook is filled right now with parents proudly displaying pictures of their children’s graduation from every milestone, Kindergarten to College.  I too will be posting pics this weekend of my youngest granddaughter as she graduates from High School.  Each of us who are parents glow when we are asked about our kids and given the opportunity will pull out pictures and talk to excess about our offspring.  I love this verse then that describes us here on earth as God’s offspring.

Just imagining God pointing at you or me and saying to Moses or some angel nearby, I am so proud of that one, did you see how well she did when that tragedy or this hurtful person came into her life?  How proud I am that he chose to finish school when it would have been so easy to quit and take that job that seemed like a sure thing.  He asked my advice and followed my suggestion… because you know, he always has a choice!!!

Like my own family, each person on this planet, God’s offspring, do have choices and free will.  God’s children opt for things that surely make Him shake His head and sigh.  The perpetrators of the Manchester bombing are His kids just like the children who died there.  How devastated God must be feeling as He loves His offspring, the sinner but hates the sin.  As He welcomes to heaven those who died and hurts for the parents who will never be the same because of the loss that they have suffered because His wayward children went to the devil and murdered innocents.

God, I know that Your children cause You joy and disappointment.  Being a parent I understand that very well.  Help me to always depend on You to inspire my life so that I live and move and have my being reflect Your grace and power.  Help me to live my life as Your child. 

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