Monday May 22, 2017 Subject

Let every person be subject to the governing authorities.  For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.  Romans 13:1

When St Paul wrote this to the Christians in Rome, they were being persecuted for believing in the WAY.  How hard it must have been for these early Christians to read these words.  I am sure they were contemplating civil disobedience and would gladly have united under someone who wanted to overthrow the regime that was sacrificing their fellow believers to the lions in the coliseum.  Being “subject” to the laws and leaders who we do not respect or trust is very hard indeed.  Today the rants on Facebook and Twitter are non-stop against President Trump and if these forms of communication existed in the early days of Christianity, it would have been the same.

It is hard to accept that we respect the office when we do not respect the man… but that is what God is asking us to do.  In our democracy, our leaders are elected by a system that has worked for decades.  Our legislative, judicial and governing branches have checks and balances that prevent a dictatorship or worse.  The time in office prevents too much damage from being done by any faction.  If I am unhappy about something, I can voice this in many ways… including running for office myself.

God has been my constant resource since the elections last fall.  I beg Him each day to minimize the impact that the dissension among our citizens might cause.  I ask Him to help those who lead us be enlightened by His direction and if that is not possible to be prevented from wreaking too much havoc.  God is in charge and will not allow our country to fail.  I pray that all will become SUBJECT to Him and pray for our leaders to choose to act as God would have them to act on our behalf.

Lord, give wisdom to our citizens and to those who lead our country.  Bless us all with deep understanding that You are the answer, the alpha and the mega. 

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