Sanday May 14, 2017 Training

Physical training is good, but training for godliness is much better, promising benefits in this life and in the life to come.  1 Timothy 4:8

Each of us have trained for something.  It might have been a marathon, a mathlete, or a bake off… practice and preparation is what “training” is.  St Paul encouraged Timothy and each of us that training for godliness has much longer lasting rewards than a prize that will perish, rust or be forgotten.  Through the years, I have trained for many things… not so much in the PHYSICAL realm but in earthly goals none the less.  Studying in school to receive the highest marks in a school to receive the medal or top honors at graduation did require training and discipline but the medal I received has long been lost and forgotten.  I know that it will not matter one bit when I stand before God for my final judgement.

Those who train for a physical goal or accomplishment will also stand before their maker embarrassed or feeling a bit foolish when their Lazarus is standing beside the Lord thin and haggard because the laurel wreath or Gold medal took precedence over being generous with the hungry and the homeless.  Training for godliness requires a different set of disciplines.  Lunges become leaning in to deliver a meal; Squats become bending low to lift another up who has fallen; Wind sprints become races against time to save the dying from doing so alone….

The training for LOVE requires much different set of muscles.  Self- sacrifice and patience are at war with pride and arrogance that often becomes the hallmark of a champion.  The laser focus required to win, in many ways also separates and alienates.  That is the furthest thing for godliness.

Lord help me to embrace the training required to be godly.  Help me to learn and practice the gifts of the Holy Spirit and do the corporal works of mercy to become your hands and feet on earth. 

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