Friday May 12, 2017 Dwelling

In Christ, you also are being built together into a dwelling place of God in the Spirit.  Ephesians 2:22

I joined my parish when it was formed 12 years ago this month, it met in a grade school.  More and more people came and we needed to move to the High School and soon we outgrew that space as well.  The parishioners pledged money and the diocese allowed us to build a Church.  It is a beautiful building but I often think fondly about those early days when each of us realized that Church is more than the physical structure… it was us being together to celebrate and support the faith that God planted in each of us.

Our parish now has over 1200 families and so many visitors each week who are here in Orlando enjoying our many attractions and great weather.  This has in many ways diluted the connections that were felt in those early days.  It is sometimes hard to accept that Christ built this place by bringing a few people together who loved His Father unless we stop and realize that is really what He called us to do.  It is easy to lose sight of the real reason that God sent His Only Son to die… it was not for the few friends he had on earth but to evangelize the many.  By creating this church who served 7000 people this Easter, who baptizes hundreds each year, and annually teaches 400 children about the faith, we are building more than a single dwelling but love for God in the hearts and souls of everyone who attends Mass with us.

I may long for the connections and the fact that I knew the names of each attendee in those early days.  God is being given the glory by what those early Christians did and by what we did by coming together to build a dwelling place for God.  I love reading the Acts of the Apostles for I feel a connection with them because we built this parish. Even though my contribution was very small, a single brick contributes to the whole structure.  God allowed me to be a co-creator of Corpus Christi Parish and that is a blessing for my life that I will ever give Him glory in humble gratitude. Corpus Christi Church

Lord help me to always be a willing servant in building the dwelling place for You. 

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