Monday May 8, 2017 Foolish

Watch carefully then how you live, not as foolish persons but as wise, making the most of the opportunity, because the days are evil. Ephesians 5:15-16

It is so easy to fall prey to foolish behavior.  Allowing my nature to rule me is tantamount to giving a thief the keys to my house.  Unpleasant results are a certainty.  I have shared how much my grandsons love the music from Hamilton.  It has spurred many interesting and thought provoking discussions with their mother.  She shared the most recent one with me that was between she and her oldest, Jack, age 11.

Jack “Mom, why do they keep playing the title song so frequently throughout the play?”

Denise “It is to reinforce or remind the audience of the recurring theme that ends up costing Alexander Hamilton his life.  It is his fatal flaw!!”

Jack “What is his fatal flaw?”

Denise “What do you think?”

Jack “Why Aaron Burr shot him?  He was too passionate and rushed into things???”

Denise “Yep, what are your brothers Fatal Flaws?”

Jack “Sam is too sensitive and his glass is always only half full.  Charlie thinks he is right all the time and always wants his way.”

Denise “And what is yours?”

Jack “I don’t know.”

It is interesting that no one has a hard time recognizing the flaws in someone else’s life.  It is so much harder to recognize my own.  Praying for wisdom then is a prayer that bubbles up in my day often.  God must get tired of His children making the same mistakes over and over.  I know I get frustrated with myself.  God sends me plenty of learning opportunities to open my eyes and hopefully correct my fatal flaw.  But I have a feeling that since I will never be perfect until heaven, that I will continue to be foolish right up until the end.  I pray that it will not be a bitter end but a joy filled one where I can meet my maker relieved that my fatal flaw had finally been beaten into submission with God’s help of course.

Lord I humbly ask You to deliver me from my foolishness.  Help me to overcome the traits in myself that keep me at a distance from You.  Open my mind and pour in the wisdom and self-awareness that will help me to combat the evil days ahead! 

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