Tuesday May 2, 2017 Click

Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.  James 1:2-3

I am a huge movie buff.  My husband Gary says he takes me to the show to watch me instead of the film because I get so engrossed. I often find biblical references in the story as I have shared here through the years.  But lessons seem to be in even the most unusual places for me.

  • Sliding Doors taught me that one decision or random action can set your life in a completely different course BUT God seems to be able to bring it around again.
  • The Kid taughtme that you never have to settle for the life you are leading.
  • It’s a Wonderful Life Taught me so much but the biggest lesson for me was that together with family and friends even the biggest obstacles can be overcome with prayer.

So today’s scripture brought to mind the movie Click.  You may have missed it, an Adam Sandler film about a magical remote control that allowed his character to fast forward through the parts of his life that were unpleasant like I do through the commercials when I am watching TV on my DVR.  It started out that he would CLICK through painful situations like fights with his wife but quickly grew to rush past anything he found boring or tedious.  His children’s games, sex with his wife, conversations with colleagues… The storyline developed him as a character who became a vacuous and self-centered individual who died alone because he never connected with himself or others.

Trials do help me to grow.  I learn patience, empathy, skills in how to deal with small problems so I can handle something bigger.  Being immune to these “trials” in life would make me less dependent on God and others too.  I know that perseverance is one of the most important gifts that the Holy Spirit shares with those who will run the race toward heaven.  Only those who possess it can make it to the finish line which is the pearly gates.  I would certainly be more comfortable if I could fast forward through the uncomfortable conversations, the pain of confrontation, the uncertainty of illness, the sadness of grief but each of these moments I am nourished by God and those who love me.  Why would I not consider it pure joy?

Lord help me to be present to every moment of my life.  Help me to embrace my trials and my joys.  Help me to see Your hand in every circumstance and never rush past the lesson that You are teaching me.

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