Friday April 28, 2017 Song

Ring out your joy to God our strength, shout in triumph to the God of Jacob.  Raise a song and sound the timbrel, the sweet-sounding harp and the lute.  Psalm 81

Music plays an important part in the bible.  Joyful singing as well as dirges fill the pages of the bible.  Reflecting every emotion known to man, song can calm the beastliness in us or raise our patriotism to follow a leader into battle.  The musical Hamilton is wildly popular and my grandson who is 9 begged his mother to download the soundtrack.  His friends at school are constantly talking about it.  She finally did so and all three of her boys have become enthralled with it.  They sing their own version of the words… because they do not know words like bastard and whore… these become basher and whole.  And each time she hears them singing at the top of their voices their own rendition, she smiles.  This music for some reason, calms my grand-boys and unites them to sing instead of quarrel in the car.  It has them quickly doing their morning ministrations so they are not late for school and has prompted them to learn more about Andrew Hamilton, the man of history.  You just have to love a great show tune.

I know that music also touches my soul.  Each time I hear Amazing Grace or On Eagle’s Wings , I am back at my mom’s funeral.  Transported to that moment when I knew she was in heaven with her beloved Lord, out of pain and surrounded by those who had loved her and preceded her in death.  I too always sing the wrong words for Amazing Grace but the spirit is still there calming my soul.  I am not nearly as creative as my grandsons but I know I get it wrong every time.

Lord I am so grateful for the music of my life.  Thank You for planting in my heart the grace to be opened by music and to always hear Your love being poured out on my soul.  Let the whole world sing about Your love and Glory! 

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