Monday April 24, 2017 Inheritance

The Lord said to me “You are my child; today I have begotten you.  Ask it of me, and I will give you the nations as your inheritance, and, as your possession, the ends of the earth.  Psalm 2:7-8

This weekend I was blessed to witness first-hand the blessings bestowed by parents on their children.  I attended the funeral for a beloved father, Gib.  To watch his daughter, Holly, stand for hours consoling those who came to offer condolences to her was a testament to the gift of love that her father passed on to her.  Gib was the patriarch of his family, he attended every graduation, every wedding, and all the sporting events and birthday parties he could squeeze into his busy life of service to community, Knights of Columbus and School Board.  He always had a smile and a good word on his lips.  He touched complete strangers with generosity when they could not pay for car repairs that his shop performed.  He created jobs for those who needed work and gave people a chance when they seemed out of them.  He lived a life that inspired everyone who ever met him.  This blessed life is the inheritance that will inspire everyone who was privileged o know him.

I also could spend time with my daughter and granddaughters.  Dawn, my daughter, has raised three beautiful children.  Courtney, her youngest will graduate from high school in a few weeks.  I was able to visit her place of work and watch how her employers and co-workers love and respect her.  She has grown up to embrace her talents in cooking and baking.  She creates beautiful and delicious food and will be attending culinary school in the fall.  What a joy it is to watch her embrace her talents and share them.  I was privileged to go to my granddaughter, Brandice’s church and listen as she preached a lesson on Hospitality.  Brandice is 25 and was married last summer.  She loves the Lord and uses her heart to lift others from trauma to triumph.  Working with young people to inspire them to be servant leaders is her passion.

God must be thrilled to look down and see that His children are living and dying in His image.  Each bearing His family traits of love, honor and gratitude.  God has given the world as His inheritance and those who honor Him will be blessed.

Lord, thank you for the chance to witness Your servants who are joyfully serving You.  Give me the strength and opportunity to serve.  Help me to say yes when You ask me to witness to Your life and love. 

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