Monday April 17, 2017 Clothed

Lord God, how great You are, clothed in majesty and glory, wrapped in light as in a robe!  Psalm 104:1-2

When I was a little girl, mom made sure we had NEW clothes for Easter. Not just the dress but New underwear, new socks, new shoes and for most of the Easters, a new hat. Everything had to be new and she watched us like a hawk until we made it to church in the hopes that we would be “unstained”. With 5 kids under the age of 9, that was a miracle unto itself.

Jesus went from being clothed on Holy Thursday in His underwear to wash the disciples feet to wearing ROYAL purple after being scourged to wearing nothing at all on the cross. He was clothed when He was raised in light, shining like the sun. Mothers for thousands of years have been clothing their children in newness to honor Him on Easter. I wonder how I will be clothed when I meet Him face to face. Will it be in my favorite outfit or will I wear rags like the beggar?  What will He wear?  Will he appear the scourged and bloody Jesus of Good Friday to remind me of the sacrifice that he made so that I could even be standing before Him?  Or will He be wearing the dazzling robe that He wore at the Transfiguration?

Lord, You have clothed me in Your grace, give me the courage to shed the rags that hide my sinfulness and allow me to wear the newness of Your love. You died to set me free. 

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