Easter Sunday, April 16, 2017 Amen, He is Risen!

All of GOD’S promises have been fulfilled in Christ with a resounding “YES!”  And through Christ, our “AMEN” ascends to God for His glory.  2 Corinthians 1: 20

Today, seven thousand people will attend our small church in Celebration, FL.  Normal weekend attendance is 2000.  All are saying YES, He is Risen.  All over the world people celebrate that God raised His Son from the dead.  Joyfully, all say YES!  AMEN, I do believe.  What that translates to is faith that Jesus death and their own does not signal the end.  It is a new beginning where all will be joined with Jesus and all those they love to celebrate and praise God forever.

Amen is translated, Yes or I do Believe.  Each time I say it, I am confirming my faith in the promises of the Lord.  I am living my life in a way that is differently structured so that I might live my eternity as God intended, with Him.  Today I celebrate God’s promises fulfilled.  He said He would not leave us orphaned and alone.  He sent Jesus to redeem and show me the way to heaven.  I am blessed because I can say, YES!

The Bible is filled with God’s promises of a Savior.  Promised from the beginning in the Garden of Eden, there are hundreds of references to His coming.  No one could have guessed that God would send His Own Son to fix the rift between God and man but when examined closely, WHO else could He send?  My sins and yours were a wall so great that no one else could break through.  Rejoice then with the Great Amen!  Amen, Jesus is Risen, Indeed!

Lord thank You for repairing the chasm between Your Father and His people.  Thank You for dying such a horrible death for me.  I proclaim that I do believe!  Let my Amen, be heard today and every day in union with the whole world with gratitude and love forever!    

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