Tuesday April 11, 2017 Betrayers

All my intimate friends hold me in horror; those whom I have loved have turned against me! Job 19:19
The readings from the Passion remind me that Judas and Peter and really all the disciples turn their backs on their Lord. Judas could have changed his mind, Jesus gave him opportunities at the Last Supper and even in the Garden to repent of his actions and choose a different path. Peter recognized his own betrayal as soon as the words were out of his mouth, it was when the cock crowed and Jesus turned to LOOK at him, he knew that his betrayal was complete. His bitter tears and regret were with him until the day on the beach when Jesus forgave him.

There have been many times in my life when I felt betrayed and alone. It is the worst feeling EVER! It is especially difficult when it is a spouse, best friend or sibling because when that happens the shared heart is torn in two. Jesus was already facing a terrible ordeal and now His heart was broken as well. I know that He is God but He was also human. How very forlorn He must have felt that His most trusted brother, the one that He had chosen as His ROCK, would disappoint Him.

Peter is so relatable to me. So, human and yet God chose Him to be His champion and the first Pope. If I ever doubted that God could use me, Peter is the witness that God can make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Peter gives me hope that even though I stumble and hurt God and my brothers and sisters, I can be different… better! God provides the grace to transform a betrayer into a leader!

Lord, Your patience and forgiveness transforms wayward hearts and brings souls full circle. I beg for Your loving kindness and acceptance for I too am a betrayer. Help me to be Your champion instead of looking after my own selfish interests. Make me Yours! Always!

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