Saturday April 8, 2017 Choose

Choose the Good!  Isaiah 7:15

It seems like every minute and sometimes every second calls for a decision.  In truth, the average adult makes 35,000 decisions a day.  No wonder we are tired. A child only must make 3000 so that is why they have so much more energy  ☺  Last night I went to church to help with the Living Passion that my church youth put on each year.  I had assisted with the costumes for this production for the past ten years but this year because of my travel schedule I had to miss the rehearsals and fittings.  They had done beautifully without me and I was able to enjoy the presentation, really for the first time.  It was truly a gift.  I left after the final dress rehearsal so that my husband and I could text and Facetime with my daughter in MN because my three grandsons were Black BELT Testing in Karate.  They were all successful in attaining this level and we are very happy for them. Pretty amazing young men, aged 7, 9, and 11.

It is hard to Choose the Good when life presents what all seems so good. Work responsibility and opportunity to earn more and advance in career, seems so right but often require sacrificing time with family, health or volunteering.  Being all into a sport requires hours of committed practice but at what price?  God’s word says… Choose the good.  It really takes discernment and prayer to do that.  I sat watching last night and decided to leave after the dress rehearsal so I could be present with Gary and share the Karate tournament with him and my daughter.  I also wanted to leave because I did not want to confuse anyone by my presence.  I did not help to make this year’s presentation such a wonderful gift.  I wanted Beth and her team to get all the kudos.  Every choice has a ripple and effects many people.  I can only make decisions based on my genuine belief and hope to accomplish… good.

Lord, help me to always choose the good.  It might all be good, so then help me discern the best use of my life right now.   I know You are all good, all powerful and all knowing.  Give me a discerning mind and heart!   

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