Friday March 10, 2017 Letter

You are a letter from Christ delivered by us, written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God.  2 Corinthians 3:3

In this day of e-mail, texts and FB messages, receiving a letter written in ink is a rarity of epic proportions.  When I receive a note from my grandchildren, a thank you from a friend, I am always moved by the time and effort they put forth in writing to me.  I was particularly touched this morning then when I read Paul’s words describing Christians as a letter from Christ written by the Spirit.  What a meaningful and remarkable way to describe the difference that I can make if I say Yes to God’s promptings to be sent into the lives of those around me.

There are so many who are sick, hurting and lonely. There is absolutely no end to the need in the world but God has created a special delivery mechanism in each one of us.  If each one helps one, the problems of this world would eventually disappear.  I loved the movie “Pay it Forward” and how the concept grew so quickly not because of publicity or fame but because one person did three acts of kindness and instigated that each person they touched would do the same.  One person can make a vital difference.

Chain letters never worked for me, I guess because I chose the wrong people with which to share the concept.  If the goodness stops, then the bounty will not grow.  I never received my 36 recipes.  But perhaps the stakes were not big enough when I invited friends to participate.  Maybe if I explained that their participation would open the gates of heaven for them or pave the way to save hundreds of souls, I could get a hearty amen and full buy in?!?   When I am passionate and ready to be Jesus for a friend or a stranger, then the world can change.

Lord I want to be the letter that You write today.  Help me to be a blank slate with no motives or agenda so You can write to those I meet the words that will rouse them.  Give me a servant’s heart to deliver Your message.

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