Tuesday March 7, 2017 Adopted

God destined us to be His adopted children through Jesus Christ because of His love.  This was according to His goodwill and plan.  Ephesians 1:5

I have many friends who have adopted children and have come to realize what a blessing this process is for he parents who were unable to have children of their own as well as the child whose biological parents were not able to offer the love and care that they wanted for their child.  God reveals through the words of St Paul to the Ephesians that God has adopted me and clearly states that this was done out of love.

Just like human adoptive parents, God wants to shower His adoptive children with love.  He has so much love to share He has gone out to embrace the whole world.  There are many who refuse this gift.  How difficult to grasp that anyone would turn away from LOVE!  A free gift, an outpouring that is lavished upon anyone who will receive it!

Adopted children have the rights and privileges of those born into a family.  God stands willing to bless me and reassures me that my birthright is guaranteed by my brother Jesus Christ.  How can I turn my back on this gift?  Here are so many benefits to being part of a family… I was fortunate enough to have eight brothers and sisters growing up.  God knew the support and friendship that is required to blossom and so He provides family.  For some the family He gives are biological, for others, friends, for others, brothers and sisters in Christ.  I have been blessed with them all and I thank God each day!

Lord, You know that each of us need family to support us and lead to YOU! Help me to rejoice and support those You have placed in my life to be my brothers and sisters in faith.  Let us all be there for one another and create true family values here that honor Our Father in heaven!      

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