Thursday February 23, 2017 Reliable

Do not rely on your wealth, or say, “I have the power.”  Do not rely on your strength in following the desires of your heart. Sirach 5:1-2

I love it when an athlete acknowledges God after an amazing display of prowess on the field.  He is witnessing to his adoring public that God gave me this talent.  His power to perform has been developed and honed to a level of perfection but he realizes that the original talent would not have been enough to get him there or keep him there.  There is nothing that I can rely upon but God.  I work hard and practice and study but without God’s grace, I know I would not be able to be of any use to anyone.  Sirach lists many situations in this passage where God alone is reliable and strongly discourages his readers from becoming haughty and believing they have the power to achieve anything on their own.

God alone is reliable.  If I rely on anything besides Him, I will be doomed to failure. Pride comes before the fall has been proven in too many situations to call it a coincidence.  I always need to focus on the fact that HE provides all I need and I can only survive by keeping my focus on Him.  Human nature provides no better example of absolute power corrupting absolutely than Hitler.  He relied on his power and became convinced of his inability to be defeated.  He roused a nation and inspired a people who were broken and poor to great but terrible things.  But his blindness eventually caused a downfall.

As often as I allow myself to become convinced of my strengths, I will hit a wall and the Lord will exact punishment Sir 5:3.  But I want to focus on maintaining my relationship and not the fear of repercussions.

Lord, I love You with all my heart.  Help me always rely and acknowledge that You are the Power and Light in my life.  Help me to humbly give You the honor and the glory! 

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