Tuesday February 14, 2017 Commandments

The first of all the commandments is: You shall love the Lord our God with all your heart, with all your soul with all your mind and with all your strength.  The Second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.  Mark 12:29-31

In the Jewish Rabbinic tradition there are 613 commandments that every pius Jew must keep.  These are written in the Torah (the Pentateuch).  When Jesus was asked to give the people the most important ones, this was His reply.  All 613 are summarized in LOVE!  When I was growing up and attended Catholic School , I had to memorize the 10 Commandments.  I had a teacher who explained the concept of there being two commandments: Love God and the first three from the stone tablets gave helpful insights on how to that. The last seven address loving neighbor.  I never talked to a Jewish person about how their 613 could be broken down to two but I bet that they could.  Everything boils down to LOVE of God and Love of neighbor!

The Bible is a love story… of how God loved His people and all the ways He demonstrated that love in spite of our terrible track record with loving Him.  I shake my head every time I read of how much our ancestors disappointed Him and He just kept on loving them.  When I think of what “Commandments” mean, I think of laws or rules to keep the world from self-destruction.  Like any game, there must be some guidelines in order for the players to know when the game is won and what is expected to be declared fair.  Jesus has told me that in order to stay in the game, I must LOVE!

Today is Valentine’s Day and no better day to be reminded that LOVE is the only way to live.  Help me Lord to seek to do Your will and be a loving daughter who seeks to serve You, not out of duty but because of my great LOVE! 

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