Friday February 3, 2017 Rules

If anyone competes in athletics, he is not crowned unless he competes according to the rules.  2 Timothy 2:5

I had a call with my daughter last night.  She shared that her oldest son was ranked second in the state in Karate Weapons.  This came as a shock to her because she didn’t know the rules or how points are accumulated.  Another mother who was in the know had congratulated Jack or they would never have known.  My grandsons did not get into Karate for accolades but now that they are aware of the rules, they are all three eager to participate at a more intense level.

How often do I amble along in life, completely unaware of how my actions effect another who is playing hard to win?  There are rules of engagement in every situation and some of the time, it is easy to be oblivious.  New to a sport, or in it for the exercise or really not able to be consistent may be the reason why the rules don’t matter but the rules are still there.  The awareness of his standings has changed Jack’s attitude toward his performance in Karate.  Paul was writing to Timothy to use this phenomena to teach him how to be a better leader and motivate those he shepherds to be all they can be for Christ.  There have been situations where I have lost out because I did not submit an application on time.  The IRS charges a penalty if your tax return is not filed by the deadline.  There are rules everywhere.  Jesus taught the two main rules of His kingdom…  Love God and Love your neighbor.  Will I win heaven or will I be disqualified for not following these rules?

Lord help me to play by Your rules.  They are simple ones but so hard to follow.  I need your help.  Please be my coach so that I may cross the finish line and live with You forever! 

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