Wednesday January 25, 2017 Blinded

Saul got up from the ground, but when he opened his eyes he could see nothing; so they led him by the hand and brought him to Damascus.  For three days he was unable to see, and he neither ate nor drank.  Acts of the Apostles 9:8-9

Today the Christian Churches celebrate St Paul’s Conversion.  The story of Saul being knocked off his horse and blinded on the road to Damascus is famous as a conversion story for the ages.  I think many silently wish that God had big enough plans for them that He would knock them from a horse and blind them to reveal His plans.  Instead most of us stumble along unsure of what God is calling us to do.  If God would just open the heavens, speak to me…  I would certainly be able to follow through.  Saul waited patiently for three days until Ananias came to open his eyes and his mind to all that Jesus had in store for him.  Clarity of purpose is indeed a gift from God.  Paul knew his mission and he delivered even when he was shipwrecked, imprisoned, hungry and beaten.

In reality, when life changing circumstances present themselves, I don’t immediately think that God is trying to tell me something.  Sadly, I tend to get angry or feel sorry for myself.  What if I prayerfully would wait for the right person to explain things in the light of God’s will and purpose for my life?  WHOA… what a concept!

There have been many times that I have been knocked off my horse.  I have often referred to that as God’s loving me with a 2 by 4 to get me to stop and pay attention.  Those days will always be alive in my memory as complete conversion or directional shifts in my life.  A car accident was used to allow me to meet Gary, A wrong turn and He led me to start my own business and many more instances of God Moments have helped me along the way.  I never realized what was happening until the clarity of hindsight but I can be a witness that God still talks to His people… sometimes in whispers and other times with mighty deeds.

Lord, Help me to be alert to Your signs and wonders.  Give me eyes to see the way that You want me to go.  Overcome my spiritual blindness and stubbornness when I cling to my own way instead of being watchful and waiting on You! 

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