Wednesday January 18, 2017 Vision Boards

Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding.   Seek His will in all your ways, and He will show you the path to take.  Proverbs 3:5-6

I had the opportunity to create a Vision Board yesterday and was blessed to be sitting at a table with Christian women who often spoke as they searched through magazines for pictures of what they would like to see manifested in their lives, of God’s will for them.  Not so much what they WANTED but what God wanted for them to be, do and achieve in the following year.  It was especially heartwarming because we shared what we hoped for, that others in the table would ask about a picture they found and shared it.  I loved hearing, “Here is a beautiful baby” or “This magazine has a lot of pictures of weddings… you should look through this one next”.   Life shared is so much easier and fun than going it alone.  I know that when we see one another again, we will support the goals that were shared.

I love that God has planted in my heart the direction toward Him.  Pictures bring me to a new realization that is often a surprise for me.  Once doing a vision board, I was drawn to include an elephant.  Within a year, I was in South Africa on a safari during a trade mission.  That and all the pictures on my board manifested in amazing ways.  Since then, I have never doubted the power of this exercise.

As I read scripture and paint word pictures that I share with you, I hope that you too will be inspired to ENVISION with God where He wants to lead you this year.  He knows the plans that He has for each of us, plans for a future that is bright!

Jesus, You came to guide God’s children back to Him.  Thank You for being a light and a vision for me to bring me HOME!  

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