Monday January 16, 2017 Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Day Beautiful

How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!  Romans 10:15  quoting Isaiah 52:7

I was blessed to march in the 60s for the Civil Rights Movement.  My High School nuns organized buses to take any of us who wanted to go and participate.  They marched alongside us.  I never had the privilege of hearing Dr King speak in person but my history teacher would share his speeches in class calling it History in the MAKING!  Indeed, it was.  The MARCHES of the turbulent 60s and the Marches this week brought together like-minded people who want to express a call for change.  If you see a wrong and try to right it, this is the good news.  Doing as Jesus did, as He taught makes even the ugliest feet beautiful.

I received a Fitbit for Christmas.  I am much more aware of my steps, stairs and heart rate these days.  I do wonder sometimes how many steps would one of these contraptions would have clocked on Dr King, Mother Teresa or St Francis.  Those feet moved constantly bringing good news.  They were never about the miles they walked but about the lives that they touched.  I smile and think my grandsons would break the limits as they never stop and their mother who runs 15 miles on a slow day, yikes.

Much of my walking is about the exercise and the opportunity to stretch my body.  God invites me today to use my steps to pray for those who like Dr King use theirs to preach the good news.  The Women’s March on Washington is this Saturday.  There will be every cause and message touted on shirts, hats and banners.  Those who are Pro-Life mixed with those who are Pro-Choice.  Those who are supporting LGBTQ and those who want “Marriage” to mean a man and a woman.  I pray for each person to be safe and respected because each one is preaching the Good News, that God created each of us as equals with the right to state what each believes in an open forum.  If Dr King was alive he would certainly be marching and singing too.

Lord, open my ears to hear the good news and give me voice to proclaim it.  You have given us the blessing in our country of free speech.  Keep those who march safe.  Let them hear Your good news and share it with all who they meet. 

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