Thursday January 12, 2017 Sound of Silence

Then the Lord said: Go out and stand on the mountain before the Lord; the Lord will pass by. There was a strong and violent wind rending the mountains and crushing rocks before the Lord—but the Lord was not in the wind; after the wind, an earthquake—but the Lord was not in the earthquake;  after the earthquake, fire—but the Lord was not in the fire; after the fire, a sound of sheer silence.  1 Kings 19:11-12

Great song by Simon and Garfunkel about the “Sounds of Silence”.  They touched the heart of an entire generation with their lyrics and haunting melody.  There really is no SILENCE in this world.  When I quiet myself enough to really listen, I learn there is a clock ticking, a fly buzzing, the ice tumbling into the bin.  Truly there is no silence!  I tune so much out because the noise today is overpowering.

What can I hear when I tune out the hub bub?  The only time that I can hear God is when I quiet myself to be able to realize that there is sheer silence.  He told Elijah that He was coming.  Has He told me the same thing and I missed Him because I was too busy, too preoccupied or I was overwhelmed with the noisy world.  There are certainly big and violent winds… just recently in CO and Ca that were able to blow down giant redwoods.  There are earthquakes that crush the homes of thousands and fires that swallow up millions of acres of forest, homes and highways.  God is not in any of those.

Lord. Help me to stop and appreciate the Sounds of Silence where You speak. 

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