Monday January 9, 2017 Names

“Your name will no longer be Jacob, but Israel, because you have struggled with God and with humans and have overcome.”  Genesis 32:28

It was standard practice to change someone’s name in the Bible: Abram to Abraham, Jacob to Israel, Saul to Paul, Simon to Peter.  When a new role or a change of heart happened, a new name was given to mark the difference.  When confirmed, we are given a new name to mark the maturity in faith that this step illustrates.  There is definitely something to it.  I especially noticed how name changes are important when I married.  Going from a single person to joining my life with my spouse was a dramatic change in my status and in my way of thinking.  I no longer could consider only what I wanted… I had to take into consideration my spouse and shortly thereafter my children.

When I reach a new place in my mind and heart, I can never return to the previous position.  Initials after someone’s name to mark their MBA or PhD reflect years of study and growth so they are sharing that they are a new creation.  What is cool is that these initials usually indicate that this person is continuing to evolve because they recognize the importance of growth.  God gave me a new name, Daughter when He sent Jesus to earth.  I believe that I will overcome the difficulties of this world and will keep on evolving into that name because until I reach the pearly gates, God invites me to keep evolving.

This world is a struggle.  No one can ever doubt that.  God keeps empowering His people to fight the good fight.  Whether that is illness, strife in the family, job loss or evil in the form of persecution, God stands ready with those He has called by name.  It is amazing that He can care for each one BUT He does!

Lord, Help me today to appreciate the names that You have seen fit to bestow on me… Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Employee, Child of God.  Each position brings me joy and gives me a new identity.  Allow me to grow in each of my roles and serve those You have placed in my life.  Help me to overcome!   

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