Wednesday January 4, 2017 Command


And He has given us this command: Anyone who loves God must also love their brother and sister.  1 John 4:21

It is so easy to say, I love God.  He never hurts my feelings, forgets my birthday, ignores my new outfit or gets the job I thought I deserved.  He commands me to go out of my way to help someone who is struggling.  Looking the other way, when the homeless man or woman is begging on the corner is not what Jesus would have done.  He told me who my neighbor is with the story of the Samaritan.  He painted a picture so clear that even a blind man could not miss it.

I had a friend many years ago, who’s oldest son was diagnosed with a disease.  She heard about a new therapy in Philadelphia that sounded promising for her boy.  I reached out to my Aunt Betty and asked if we could come and stay while she and I attended the classes for “Patterning.”  My stepdad’s sister opened her home to us for a week.  I will never forget that generous response to a complete stranger.  My friend made subsequent trips to PA and always stayed with Aunt Betty.

Looking past my family, my friends and coworkers is not easy.  I have plenty to do but God gave a command to LOVE.  I say yes now when I am asked because of the generosity of my God and the Aunt Betty’s in my world who put themselves in second, third or even last place.

God help me to answer YES to Your commandments.  Open my eyes and my heart to see and recognize the needs of my brothers and sisters! 

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