Tuesday January 3, 2017 Plans

We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.  Proverbs 16:9

Today, most everyone returns to work after the holiday.  It is a day of truth for many who made great resolutions on New Year’s to diet, work harder, organize their closet, write a book, exercise or whatever else may have seemed like a good thing to write down on December 31.  But until some action is taken… they are plans.  My favorite adage of all time is People Plan, God Laughs.  It is not with feelings of helplessness or fatalism that I believe that these words are true.  No, I realize that because God sees all the crazy stuff that will interrupt my plans.  He knows me better than I know myself.  He realizes what I say I want is not necessarily what I really want!  So my plans can often bring a smile to His face.

I do know that if I do not set goals, write them down and take action even if it is the tiniest step, I cannot accomplish what I want in life.  I believe that God laughs most of the time because my dreams and aspirations are too small.  He wants more for me and knows that I can achieve it.  I look at my problems and short comings and forget that my God is bigger than all of that.  How can I see what He can help me accomplish when my world view is limited?  The real trick is to ask Him, what do YOU want me to do…  Not HOW!  Not WHY!  Not WHEN!

When I let my Lord direct my steps, then and only then will OUR plans become reality.  I know that He plants in my heart a desire and that desire takes me to the next point.  When I have an idea to write a book, plan a retreat, visit a sick friend or throw a party, God knows who my actions will touch.  I do not.   I am His instrument and my success or failure is in His hands.  God knows that I will do everything I can to achieve whatever I begin.  As long as I begin with prayer, He is with me.

Lord, my plans are to follow Your lead and only then will I achieve the ends for which You created me.  Open my heart and allow me to take the steps that You have determined for me.  Speak Lord, I come to do Your will. 

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