Thursday December 15, 2016 Needs

God will meet all your needs according to the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus.  Philippians 4:19

When I was in a different point in my life, I thought I had many needs…  As I have gotten older, I have recognized that food and shelter are really the only things I NEED!  Back then, when I thought I needed a new car, needed a new dress for every “special” occasion, needed a bigger house or needed new furniture, my life was very shallow.  Now the needs category is filled with much different list.  A hug from my grandchildren, an eye roll from my daughters, a shared laugh with my husband, a discussion of a book with friends are each a pure and joyous gift.  Because Jesus has so much glory and grace, His abundance simply spills over to cover me like a waterfall.

To think that all my needs can and will be met by the abundance of Christ literally blows my mind.  There is nothing beyond His grace and will to provide for me if it is TRULY a NEED!  So contemplating that, I am rarely inclined to ask myself what I need.  I feel no lack in my life and find ways to pour out what I have, knowing that God is never outdone in His generosity.  I know that Jesus is so rich that nothing I  could ever “need” would deplete His resources.  That confidence gives me reassurance and calm.

During this special Advent time with just ten days til His birthday, I ask Jesus in prayer, what He needs from me today.  Patience with family, generosity to those who truly do have needs where I am supposed to be Christ’s delivery mechanism, visits to the sick, commitment to my goals in health and a passion for life that allows me to embrace the hardships as well as the joys… these are the items that I believe would be on His list.  I know that I NEED His grace to fulfill these.  I am counting on His riches and glory to allow me to serve.

Lord, Thank You for being the wind beneath my wings, the answer to all my needs.  Help me to always appreciate Your generosity to me!  I am Your humble servant. 


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